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Amoha IT Cost Optimization as a Service


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Amoha IT Cost Optimization as a Service


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Amoha IT Cost Optimization as a Service

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The Project & Results

Intelex’s software solutions help companies around the world ensure compliance, reduce risk and improve performance. Their solutions enable clients worldwide, to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex marketplace while minimizing their negative social, environmental and human impacts.

Intelex had a mix of managed services inclusive of traditional computing, shared storage and backups being supported by a large global Managed Services Provider for over a decade. The team was shifting to more virtualized services, however the team was challenged by the fact that there were over 20 outstanding contracts with varying rates, services and term lengths. With the business continuing to grow steadily, the team was looking to standardize their infrastructure, secure lower rates, and consistency in pricing so that they could focus on their core business application.

  • Mid Term Renegotiation
  • Contract Consolidation
  • No change to or disruption of current service

Amoha gathered all outstanding contracts, quantified which services were out of term and developed a prescriptive approach to negotiating new rates and terms with the provider. Amoha coordinated directly with the service provider and consolidated all outstanding services under a single contract vehicle, with predictable rates for future ordering, while making all services co-terminate to a single ending date.