About Us

Amoha is the Industry's Leading Cost-Optimization Firm

Our clients enjoy an average cost savings of 39% on their contracts with 3rd party service providers.

Who We Are

For enterprise decision makers there is no better partner than a former executive owner of global pricing and contracting for the largest data center and hosting provider in the industry.

Our Mission

Our clients gain an incomparable advantage by relying on our insights from having set market rates and insider knowledge that comes from supporting thousands of deals during our tenure leading negotiations from the other side of the table.

What We Do

In addition to providing our clients with unparalleled negotiation power, our experience allows us to quickly identify and respond to other unforeseeable variables that threaten the positive customer experience post signature, including but not limited to implementation issues, billing inaccuracies and service credits.

Our History

With over 2 decades of experience in the data center and managed services industries, Amoha is uniquely positioned to provide unmatched value to our clients. We know what our clients should be paying for services they need to run their business and ensure they’re not paying a penny more.

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Amoha IT Cost Optimization as a Service
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Amoha IT Cost Optimization as a Service
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Amoha IT Cost Optimization as a Service
Amoha IT Cost Optimization as a Service
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Frequently Asked Questions

Twenty plus years of deep experience, and a proven track record (100%) of cost savings for every project. Our average cost optimization is 39%. Our experience includes executive management roles in Fortune 150 data center and managed IT service providers.

Private equity firms, managed service providers, healthcare technology, government, financial services, media services, and SAAS providers.

Amoha consistently delivers cost reductions between 30% – 50%.

We work with you to understand your current and future needs, providing you with benchmarks from global vendors that can deliver those needs for reference. However, the choice to remain with your current vendor, or migrate to a new one, is ultimately up to you. Amoha can achieve savings with your current vendor through renegotiation of contract, even if mid-term.

The service is contingency-based and cost-neutral to you, the client:

  • If you, the client, choose to remain with your current vendor and have Amoha renegotiate the service rates: you reimburse us in the form of % savings operationalized during the first year of the term.
  • If you, the client, procures a new vendor through Amoha: compensation is provided by the vendor. No cost to you!

We set the market rates for the largest global provider of data center and managed services. We also have two decades of insight from the provider’s side of the negotiating table. Lastly, executive relationships across the industry enable us to work top down with the largest global providers.