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The Project & Results

Benevity is the global leader in online workplace giving, matching, volunteering and integrated grant management solutions. Some of the world’s most iconic brands rely on Benevity’s award-winning solutions to power their Goodness Programs and corporate philanthropy, helping them attract, retain and engage today’s workers by connecting people personally to causes that matter to them. With more than 2 million users around the world, Benevity will process donations for more than 100,000 global charities this year. As a certified B Corporation, Benevity is part of a unique breed of for-profit companies with a social mission who believe that ‘doing well by doing good’ is more than just a catchy tagline.

Benevity has enjoyed a amicable partnership with their cloud service provider over the last few years, however it had become clear that Benevity’s future state IT needs (focused on security and compliance) were not aligned with the provider’s roadmap. Additionally, Benevity was seeking a provider that delivered a standard managed support model, which would enable Benevity’s team to focus on developing their platform. Given the hypergrowth they have experienced over the last few years, the team was planning on migrating to a larger global provider that could address their needs. While the team was planning for a move in 18 months, the existing contract with their existing provider was up for renewal in a few months.

  • Mid Term Fee Renegotiation
  • Provider paid migration support to a new production facility.
  • No change to or disruption of current service.

Given the 18 month timeframe for a move, Amoha saw an opportunity to negotiate a lower rate in the interim and positioned the renewal to take place prior to the end of the current term. Amoha gathered 2-3 year renewal options from the current provider for reference, however following these initial discussions the client expressed a desire to have the ability to vacate in 12 months. After initially offering a 10% discount for 2 year term commit, Amoha secured a 30% discount on 1 year term, effective prior to end of the current term.