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Amoha IT Cost Optimization as a Service



Amoha IT Cost Optimization as a Service

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The Project & Results

Innovative Interfaces, Inc. is a software company specializing in integrated systems for library management. Their key products include Sierra, Polaris, Millennium, and Virtua, with customers in 66 countries. A total of 9,669 library facilities included in use an ILS provided by Innovative Interfaces, Inc.

Innovative Interfaces has made several key acquisitions over the last few years. This resulted in having 3 separate colocation environments and multiple contracts with 3 separate providers. The team is planning a phased approach to virtualizing the current footprint, thus needed to have the current contracts terminate in line with their roadmap, and ideally reduce the spend levels to help fund innovation.

  • Mid Term Fee Renegotiation
  • Billing Credits Secured
  • Minimum Commit with services flexibility.
  • No change to or disruption of current service.

Ahead of spearheading the contract negotiations with the largest of the 3 data center providers, Amoha analyzed and resolved a long outstanding AR balance issue that resulted in the provider applying a billing credit to clear out legacy balances. After resolving this matter, Amoha negotiated a write down of existing spend 7 months ahead of then current term. In addition to significantly lowering the $/kW rate, Amoha doubled the total volume of bandwidth at no additional cost which eliminated the consistent monthly overages that the client was being billed for. Lastly, given possibility that the client may want to secure managed hosting services from their provider at a future date, Amoha negotiated flexibility in the contract which allowed for Innovative to migrate to the providers other data centers where these services are available, without penalty or change in spend level.